Welcome to dispatchdb.com

This started with my desire to write a cross platform Record Management System for Law Enforcement that made it easier to write my reports. There are a number of RMS programs out there, but in my opinion as an Officer, they are all way to complicated, and hindered my efforts to get my reports written and get back on the streets.

I have made every effort to streamline the process of writting your reports, while taking steps to assure that the required information is in your reports. Where possible, LERMS will fill in information from other places you have already entered that information. Additionally, where possible, it will calculate information and enter it automatically. All this is done in an effort to minimize the work that YOU, the Officer must put into completing your reports.

Additionally, there are lookup tools to find persons that have previously been entered into this system, and allow you to insert that information without retyping it. Being database driven, there are plenty of ways to search up the reports and citations. You can even generate PIE and Bar Graph reports!

If all this isn't enough to peek your curiosity, I'll even set your agency up to use this application WITHOUT a setup fee! I'll even give you a reasonable time to use this Web Application without any limitations to determine if it is a perfect solution for your agency. Even if you try it out, and decide NOT to keep using it, you will still be able to log into the system and VIEW reports that you created while testing it for as long as Bad Guyz Software - LERMS is in operation!

And as if that wasn't enough, no RMS would be complete if it didn't handle reporting to SIBRS. Coding has been done to produce SIBRS export files suitable for upload to the SIBRS portal, and a testing date has already been requested. When that's completed, and after making any corrections they may request, Bad Guyz Software - LERMS will become a SIBRS Certified Vendor.